VIAcode Hires Verasolve to Develop Marketing Strategy

Verasolve, a leading provider of branding, marketing and public relations services has been selected to create a marketing campaign for VIAcode—a prominent IT firm that leverages the latest software development and data analytic tools to build custom applications and enhance the technical capabilities for their customers.  Verasolve will craft an initiative that contains marketing, public relations, and social media elements to strengthen VIAcode’s position within the industry.  The strategy will include assisting VIAcode with its website, newsletter, case studies and social media presence.

“VIAcode is a unique firm and we look forward to helping VIAcode continue to grow its marketing potential,” said Verasolve Chairman and CEO Ethan Assal.

About VIAcode

VIAcode builds and delivers commercial or “internal” software products that are “difference makers” for our customers.  VIAcode radically enhances their clients’ technical capabilities by deploying world-class technologists throughout the software development lifecycle to meet the application needs on time and on budget.  VIAcode began in 2001 by embracing proven and popular Microsoft software development technologies and has since expanded to work with all of the leading frameworks, programming languages, development toolkits, and underlying technologies that drive today’s high tech applications.  For more information, visit