Creating a Solid Foundation for Marketing and PR Strategies

Verasolve believes research is the foundation to building a solid marketing and PR strategy. With the plethora of information available today, organizations often waste time sorting through the wrong channels to find what they’re looking for.

Verasolve has the expertise to identify the critical information that allows you to make informed decisions to maximize and expand your business.

As part of our research, Verasolve conducts surveys with your customers to find the best solutions, as well as highlight your strengths and weaknesses (key to even the highest-performing businesses). We perform competitor analysis to pinpoint areas of opportunity or threats that might be inhibiting your company’s growth. By performing both qualitative and quantitative research, Verasolve delivers the necessary tools for your company to take the next step.

Research Services

Advertising effectiveness

Brand awareness

Business intelligence

Data analysis

Focus groups

Interviewing clients and competitors

Market research

Social media effectiveness


Trend analysis

White papers and reports



Your team’s thorough research and analysis of the competitive landscape in Northern Virginia, DC, and Montgomery County has provided invaluable insights into our competitors’ messaging and strategy.

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Robert Pincus, Vice Chariman, EagleBank

The market research section of the plan was particularly valuable because it helped define our competitors’ service offerings and provided the insight necessary to position our own offerings.

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Nelson Carbonell, Chairman & CEO, Snowbird Capital

The market research report and long-term marketing plan you put together and then executed has consistently yielded positive results. I feel that you understand my business as well as many of our own staff.

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Brad Callahan, President, TAN Travel Advantage Network