3 Keys VIP Testimonial

3 Keys VIP

Dear Ethan,

I’m writing to express my appreciation for Verasolve’s marketing efforts on behalf of 3 Keys VIP this year.

As you know, 3 Keys VIP has been very successful in developing and implementing sales events and customer loyalty programs for the retail furniture industry. We hired Verasolve to research industries with potential for expansion. Based on Verasolve’s in-depth research and analysis into several possible verticals, 3 Keys VIP decided to test market our services to automotive dealerships.

Verasolve created and conducted phone surveys of automotive dealerships (to assess their business development needs) and automotive customers(to determine their interest in assorted sales events and loyalty programs). Based on their findings, Verasolve crafted a white paper titled “Business Development for Automotive Dealerships,” which was shared with automotive dealership executives as part of a drip marketing campaign designed to increase brand recognition and position 3 Keys VIP as industry experts. Verasolve then worked with 3 Keys VIP and our partner, SPLICE Software, to develop a concept for an automotive sales event and customer loyalty promotion, as well as a related PowerPoint sales deck for presentations to automotive dealerships. Verasolve also conducted competitor research, wrote copy and recommended WordPress themes for an updated 3 Keys VIP website.

Verasolve’s marketing efforts have helped 3 Keys VIP gain entry into the highly competitive automotive industry. I enjoyed working with you and your team, and I would be happy to recommend Verasolve to other companies looking to expand into other verticals, build brand awareness, improve digital and printed marketing materials and generate qualified leads.


Neal Glickfield
President & CEO, 3 Keys VIP

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