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Strengthening brand awareness for a financial services firm


FI Consulting, based in Arlington, Virginia, specializes in helping commercial and government financial institutions leverage data, analytics, modeling and technology to stay at the forefront of a changing industry. The firm was looking for ways to attract new government and industry decision-makers, increase brand awareness, strengthen its thought leadership profile and increase its online presence.


Verasolve began its engagement with FI by holding a branding and messaging workshop. The valuable insight obtained through the workshop laid the foundation for the company’s new website, employee testimonials, marketing collateral, webinars and tradeshow booth.

From developing a sitemap to coordinating with the website developer to providing creative direction to writing new copy, Verasolve worked hand-in-hand with FI to re-launch a mobile friendly, easily navigable and informative website. Verasolve also worked with FI to develop a series of employee video testimonials to be featured on the site.

To strengthen FI Consulting’s thought leadership profile, Verasolve organized quarterly webinars by creating and sending invitations, promoting the webinars on the website and social media, performing practice webinars with the firm’s staff and implementing follow-up efforts.

In addition, Verasolve created marketing collateral that showcased FI’s brand, including brochures, tradeshow booth and supporting visuals, proposal templates and PowerPoint presentations.


As a result of Verasolve’s work, FI Consulting now has consistent branding, an easy to navigate and informative website, and has expanded its position as a thought leader in its industry. By organizing targeted webinars and posting articles to FI’s revamped website, Verasolve was instrumental in strengthening the firm’s online presence—increasing the number of visits to its site by approximately 79 percent.

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