“The market research Verasolve performed was highly valuable as it defined our competitors’ service offerings and provided the insight necessary to position our own offerings. Further, the research provided INTEC Group with specific examples of how best to improve…”

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Keith Switzer


“Verasolve has been instrumental in helping iDS develop and implement marketing and public relations strategies and initiatives to increase brand awareness, generate qualified leads, strengthen customer relationships and achieve our goals for growth.”

Read Full Testimonial ⟶

Chris Conway

CFO - iDiscovery Solutions

“Verasolve has worked quickly and efficiently, delivering a quality of service that far exceeds our expectations.”

Read Full Testimonial ⟶

Mark G. Tornillo

President and CEO - Martek Global Services, Inc.

“We have found your team’s knowledge of the independent wealth management industry to be unparalleled among marketing and public relations professionals we have come across in the past.”

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Brett Bernstein

Co-Founder - XML Financial Group

“Verasolve’s involvement led to increased event attendance and helped Hardesty Capital Management secure valuable business leads. The Verasolve team’s work has integrated seamlessly into our marketing and business development efforts.”

Read Full Testimonial ⟶

Steve Shea

President - Hardesty Capital Mangement

“Verasolve has helped us accurately position our leaders and showcase our expertise in accounting and assurance, tax, and business advisory services.”

Read Full Testimonial ⟶

Kendall Coleman

Partner - CST Group

“I’ve really been thrilled with the new ITA logo and slogans, as well as all of your marketing help, including the new brochures, new folders, new demo CD, new booth, and countless events/shows.”

Read Full Testimonial ⟶

Donald C. Brewster Jr.

Chairman & Chief Operating Officer - Innovative Technology Application, Inc. (ITA)

“The high quality of Verasolve’s writing was integral to setting the correct tone of the website, from both a brand and product perspective. Their professionalism and organized delivery schedule made the creation and subsequent maintenance of the site a success in a short amount of time.”

Read Full Testimonial ⟶

Massi Behbahani

Product Manager - 3Pillar Global

“With your help and direction, we have been able to better position TSymmetry as both an established source of high-level, cleared IT talent as well as a qualified prime government contractor for identity management, cybersecurity, and other IT services.”

Read Full Testimonial ⟶

Philip Lowit

CEO - TSymmertry, Inc.

“From thought leadership strategies including the writing, curation and execution, to project management and presentations, Verasolve provided the gamut of services.”

Read Full Testimonial ⟶

Jeff Myers

Senior Director - REI Systems

“In addition to all of the strategic and tactical support you have delivered to PCM over the past year, I also want to express our pleasure in interacting with you and your team.”

Read Full Testimonial ⟶

Rollin Bell

Founder and CEO - PCM Construction

“We’ve been more than pleased with the quality of Verasolve’s work. Your team has been responsive, knowledgeable, and a pleasure to work with.”

Read Full Testimonial ⟶

Graham Milne

President and CEO - VIP Communications, Inc.

“Verasolve integrated seamlessly into our marketing team, working together to create and implement our new marketing strategy, which enhanced our website, strengthened our social media presence, built up our blog and refined our entire digital presence.”

Read Full Testimonial ⟶

Lesley Boucher

Vice President, Consulting & Customer Experience - ORI

“Beginning with the research you completed on our target customers, continuing through our re-branding, and beyond into our ongoing PR and advertising relationship, your work has always been thorough, strategic and focused, while at the same time cost-effective.”

Read Full Testimonial ⟶

Edward C. (Troy) Peple, III

President - Accelerent

“Our new website allows us to update our bid list and project statuses as frequently as we need to make sure we always communicate the most current information. The site looks professional and attractive, we are very happy.”

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Carolyn Buckley

President and CFO - Acme Mechanical Contractors

“We’re thrilled with the work Verasolve has done for us. You’ve been a valuable resource in helping us increase Battalia Winston’s visibility in the marketplace and have successfully positioned our consultants as leaders among the executive search community.”

Read Full Testimonial ⟶

Dale Winston

Chairwoman and CEO - Battalia Winston

“I cannot say enough positive things about the Public Relations and Marketing team of Verasolve, led by Ethan Assal. Their team has helped strengthen SnowMovers in an already competitive market.”

Read Full Testimonial ⟶

Rodney Anderson

Founder and CEO - SnowMovers

“Verasolve strives to really understand our internal culture, long-term goals, and vision for the future. I would recommend their team to anyone looking for a collaborative agency.”

Read Full Testimonial ⟶

Morris Brown

President and CEO - OMNITEC Solutions, Inc.

“Verasolve’s commitment to excellence is evident in the tangible results we’ve seen post-rebranding. Our brand recognition has soared, and we’ve experienced increased customer engagement and loyalty.”

Read Full Testimonial ⟶

Cris Watkins

Senior Director of Proposals - ITC Federal

“Verasolve served as a capable extension or Brickman’s communications team, generating positive news coverage about our firm and services in targeted vertical trade publications.”

Read Full Testimonial ⟶

Debra Holder

Director, Industry Relations - Brickman

“Your team was professional, creative, and hard working. They listened to our needs and met them. They performed seamless coordination on our various projects, regardless of the conflicting deadlines we threw their way.”

Read Full Testimonial ⟶

Robert Baldwin

Senior VP of Marketing & Sales - TABS Group

“The combination of your PR efforts and development, coordination and implementation of a penta-millionaire lead generation effort and events have been outstanding.”

Read Full Testimonial ⟶

Neal Simon

Founder and CEO - Highline Wealth Management

“Working with our team, Verasolve took the lead in building and implementing our content strategy and growing our social media presence. They researched and drafted hundreds of original blog posts, social media posts, and placed numerous articles in industry publications.”

View Full Testimonial ⟶

Remmie Butchko

CEO - Georgetown Insurance Service

“Your team led us through a complete overhaul of our brand, including new name, logo, colors, tagline, messaging and website. The rebranding process was collaborative and comprehensive, including interviews and workshops with our leaders and employees at various levels.”

Read Full Testimonial ⟶

Tushar Garg

CEO - Excelicon

“You and your team have been integral in helping us to promote our Government Contractor Lending business, with the brochures you created and the updates to our website that you have made, among other projects. ”

Read Full Testimonial ⟶

David Pijor

Chairman and CEO - FCV Bank

“I’d like to formally thank you for the quality PR strategy Verasolve developed for Ntiva, Inc. We engaged your company to help further Ntiva’s position as a leading managed services provider in the DC metro area particularly as we announced several acquisitions this year.”

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Holly Dowden

Vice President of Marketing - Ntiva

“Working with our team, Verasolve took the lead in building and implementing our content strategy and growing our social media presence. They researched and drafted hundreds of original blog posts, social media posts, and placed numerous articles in industry publications.”

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George Zoulias

CEO - Perfecta

“Verasolve has delivered tangible results for Snowbird Capital, which have strengthened our position in a competitive field and directly supported our business development efforts.”

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Nelson Carbonell

Chairman and CEO - Snowbird Capital

“Verasolve is unlike any other marketing firm I’ve encountered; you see business challenges from the entrepreneurial perspective and address those challenges with creative, strategically sound marketing and PR solutions.”

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Brad Callahan

President - Travel Advantage Network (TAN)

“Verasolve is my go to firm for developing all company announcements and press releases, and has helped me to edit important proposals, internal communications and partner communications.”

Read Full Testimonial ⟶

Lynda Ellis

Owner, President and CEO - Capitol Concierge

“Over the last three years, Verasolve has provided a high level of service, exceptional work and quick turnaround times.”

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Mike Jacoby

CEO - Broad Street Realty

“Verasolve’s media outreach campaign resulted in interview opportunities and a number of local and national articles in key publications for our industry. Additionally, Verasolve has helped significantly streamline and optimize our internal communication methods…”

Read Full Testimonial ⟶

Raymond Rahbar

Founder and CEO - UberOffices (now MakeOffices)

“Thanks to Verasolve, we were able to present a strong brand to current and potential customers, partners and employees. We happily recommend Verasolve to any company looking to expand and enhance its marketing and public relations initiatives.”

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Dan Gabriel


“We have been impressed by Verasolve’s ability to understand the complex cybersecurity industry, responsiveness to the continually evolving needs of Blue Ridge’s initiatives, and commitment to helping our company succeed.”

Read Full Testimonial ⟶

John Higginbotham

CEO - Blue Ridge Networks

“Verasolve clearly understands our goals and has provided the marketing expertise that we feel will support our commitment to expand our presence in our local market area.”

Read Full Testimonial ⟶

Robert Pincus

Vice Chairman - EagleBank

“Helping one government contractor shine among hundreds of similar firms in the DC region is no small feat. I commend Verasolve for the successes achieved on our behalf.”

Read Full Testimonial ⟶

Edda Van Winkle

Executive Director of Brand Management - AbleVets LLC

“Verasolve would be an asset to any organization looking to expand their marketing, public relations, development, and social media needs and I am grateful for their hard work on our behalf.”

Read Full Testimonial ⟶

Robin Kelleher

President and CEO - Hope for the Warriors

“We’re very happy to recommend Verasolve to others. Ethan and his staff were incredibly easy to work with and very focused on what our immediate needs were, helping us get to project completion as effectively and efficiently as possible.”

Read Full Testimonial ⟶

Everett Alvarez, Jr.

CEO - Alvarez LLC

“Verasolve has gone above and beyond to understand our goals and develop strategic solutions to help us meet them. Their attention to detail and client service is truly impressive.”

Read Full Testimonial ⟶

Jake Bittner

CEO - Qlarion

“On behalf of Ennis Electric, I wanted to take a moment to thank you for the exceptional job that Verasolve has done to help our company over the past three years. We sincerely appreciate the Verasolve team’s strategic guidance to our marketing, branding and public relations.”

Read Full Testimonial ⟶

Kevin Cole

CEO - Ennis Electric

“We’d like to take the time to thank the Verasolve team for assisting us in the completion of crucial marketing efforts. In today’s world, it’s incredibly important for companies to not only have a physical footprint, but also a digital one.”

Read Full Testimonial ⟶

Rodney DeCarteret

Senior Executive & Founding Member - Cyber Defense Solutions

“The Verasolve team has provided Group Dental Service with effective and wide-ranging PR and marketing services, and they have done so with courtesy and professionalism. Best of all, they offer these high-quality services at a price significantly lower than that of the competition.”

Read Full Testimonial ⟶

Ethan Foxman

President - Group Dental Service

“Over the course of four months, Verasolve demonstrated their expertise and professionalism while completing a research project for us. The team strove to satisfy our needs by conducting intense research, developing and conducting customer surveys and creating an in-depth report and analysis. ”

Read Full Testimonial ⟶

Melissa Craig

Vice President, Member Relations - BIPAC

“Our experience with Verasolve has been beneficial and enjoyable. The Verasolve team worked quickly and efficiently, delivering a quality of service that exceeded our expectations.”

Read Full Testimonial ⟶

Eddie Snyder

Chairman and Partner - Snyder Cohn

“We hired Verasolve to support our strategic marketing, public relations and branding initiatives with the goal of building awareness and increasing Revere Bank’s name recognition. Your team has proved to be a valuable resource in helping us achieve these goals.”

Read Full Testimonial ⟶

Lena Marcellino

SVP-Director of Marketing - Revere Bank

“Verasolve proved to be extremely responsive, organized, experienced, effective and efficient. I have already recommended Verasolve to business associates and would be more than happy to continue to recommend Verasolve.”

Read Full Testimonial ⟶

Adam Starr

CEO - Progressive Radiology

“I sincerely believe that Verasolve’s services have provided real value for Wealth Strategies Group and I have been very pleased with their efforts.”

Read Full Testimonial ⟶

Patrick Carroll

CFP, Founder and Principal - Wealth Strategies Group

“Since engaging the firm in the fall of 2017, Verasolve has consistently generated positive news coverage about Electrosoft and our services in targeted vertical trade publications and business outlets, secured numerous award wins through well-crafted award nominations and advanced our thought leadership posture in the industry through articles and blogs.”

Read Full Testimonial ⟶

Sarbari Gupta

President and CEO - Electrosoft

“Verasolve is a trusted partner, working hand-in-hand with us to achieve Criterion’s goals for growth. I would highly recommend them to companies seeking similar high-level counsel and execution.”

Read Full Testimonial ⟶

Promod Sharma

CEO - Criterion Systems

“Verasolve has been a true partner to Bean Kinney. They are constantly making recommendations that will result in a positive ROI for our firm, and guide us away from initiatives that may not be in our best interest.”

Read Full Testimonial ⟶

Leo Fisher

Managing Shareholder - Bean, Kinney & Korman

“Verasolve took charge of all of our marketing, branding and public relations initiatives. They created a comprehensive strategy with the goal of increasing our brand recognition in the government space.”

Read Full Testimonial ⟶

Raza Latif

President - NuAxis Innovations

“I’m writing to tell you of our satisfaction with all the hard work your team has put toward Cassaday’s marketing and public relations initiatives. We really value the extensive wealth management experience you bring to our efforts in these areas.”

Read Full Testimonial ⟶

Stephan Cassaday

CFP®, CFS, Founder, President & CEO - Cassaday & Company, Inc.

“Verasolve has become a valuable partner in helping us to refine and share our message among our target audiences, and to position us strategically in our market.”

Read Full Testimonial ⟶

Daniel Cohen-Dumani

CEO - Portal Solutions

“Your team was instrumental in providing INNOVIM with a brand new, content rich website, quality marketing slicks and collateral, plus key client videos that are showcased in our offices and our site.”

Read Full Testimonial ⟶

Samira Samadi

Co-Founder & VP of Marketing - INNOVIM

“Verasolve has been a true joy to work with and we commend them for their ongoing effort to the U.S. Lawn’s brand. I would recommend Verasolve to anyone looking for a true one-on-one agency experience.”

Read Full Testimonial ⟶

Ken Hutcheson

President - U.S. Lawns

“Your assistance with developing our messaging and positioning of the firm has really gotten our business on the right track.”

Read Full Testimonial ⟶

Tony Ivener

Founder & Managing Shareholder - Ivener Management Group

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