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For years, there’s been confusion about the roles of marketing versus PR within an organization. Don’t all marketing professionals do PR, and don’t all PR professionals do marketing? The short (and uncomplicated) answer is no. These are two different disciplines with separate functions, audiences, and metrics. While many of our clients have an existing marketing team, they often do not perform or specialize in public relations.

At Verasolve, we’re eager to share your story. We’ll help your company develop a compelling narrative that will break through the noise. We’ll leverage our relationships with local, national, and trade media to increase the reach of your messaging.

Our PR approach is designed to generate a wider pipeline of opportunities. Using third-party validation, we make it easier to achieve sales goals, recruit top talent, and expand your brand awareness. From identifying thought leaders to distributing relevant messages, we help you spark conversation among your target audience and generate unmatched credibility and buzz for your business.

“Helping one government contractor shine among hundreds of similar firms in the DC region is no small feat. I commend Verasolve for the successes achieved on our behalf.”

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Edda Van Winkle

Executive Director of Brand Management - AbleVets LLC

“Since engaging the firm in the fall of 2017, Verasolve has consistently generated positive news coverage about Electrosoft and our services in targeted vertical trade publications and business outlets, secured numerous award wins through well-crafted award nominations and advanced our thought leadership posture in the industry through articles and blogs.”

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Sarbari Gupta

President and CEO - Electrosoft

“I’d like to formally thank you for the quality PR strategy Verasolve developed for Ntiva, Inc. We engaged your company to help further Ntiva’s position as a leading managed services provider in the DC metro area particularly as we announced several acquisitions this year.”

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Holly Dowden

Vice President of Marketing - Ntiva

“Verasolve strives to really understand our internal culture, long-term goals, and vision for the future. I would recommend their team to anyone looking for a collaborative agency.”

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Morris Brown

President and CEO - OMNITEC Solutions, Inc.

“Verasolve has been a true joy to work with and we commend them for their ongoing effort to the U.S. Lawn’s brand. I would recommend Verasolve to anyone looking for a true one-on-one agency experience.”

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Ken Hutcheson

President - U.S. Lawns

“Over the last three years, Verasolve has provided a high level of service, exceptional work and quick turnaround times.”

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Mike Jacoby

CEO - Broad Street Realty

“Verasolve has worked quickly and efficiently, delivering a quality of service that far exceeds our expectations.”

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Mark G. Tornillo

President and CEO - Martek Global Services, Inc.



Virginia-based Electrosoft Services, Inc., a provider of diverse technology-based solutions and services to the federal government, is fast approaching its graduation from the Small Business Administration 8(a) Business Development program. Because it will leave the 8(a)-set-aside program, the firm needed to position itself to successfully transition and compete with much larger federal contractors. Electrosoft understood the importance of strategic marketing and PR in establishing the firm as a thought leader in the cybersecurity field and conveying the firm’s capability to deliver extraordinary results for federal agencies.

Verasolve’s efforts also contributed to significant organic business growth as well as new market penetration. Year-over-year revenue growth was 40% in 2018 and 68% in 2019.

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