Construction, Real Estate, Landscaping, and Architecture

Despite the larger-than-life projects that architecture, construction, landscaping, and real estate companies deliver, creating brand awareness and expanding market share in these industries can be difficult. You need to reach a wide variety of target audiences, maximize your referral business, and be acutely aware of market trends.

Verasolve has extensive experience working with companies in architecture, construction, landscaping, and real estate. Throughout the years, we’ve supported numerous general and subcontractors, architecture and interior design firms, landscaping firms, and real estate companies.

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  • LF Jennings
  • McLaughlin Electrical
  • Myers Solomon
  • NV Roofing
  • NV Waterproofing
  • PCM Construction
  • Perennial Construction, LLC
  • Potomac Capital Apartment Fund
  • Potomac Valley Brick
  • QuickPick
  • Re/Max
  • RM Thornton
  • Ruppert Landscaping
  • ServiceForce
  • Setty Construction, LLC
  • SnowMovers
  • String Real Estate Services
  • UberOffices
  • UniStar
  • U.S. Lawns
  • Welch Construction

Case Studies


Landmarc Asset Advisors


PCM Construction


Ennis Electric


Anchor Construction

“Verasolve has been a true joy to work with and we commend them for their ongoing effort to the U.S. Lawn’s brand. I would recommend Verasolve to anyone looking for a true one-on-one agency experience.”

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Ken Hutcheson

President - U.S. Lawns

“Over the last three years, Verasolve has provided a high level of service, exceptional work and quick turnaround times.”

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Mike Jacoby

CEO - Broad Street Realty

“In addition to all of the strategic and tactical support you have delivered to PCM over the past year, I also want to express our pleasure in interacting with you and your team.”

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Rollin Bell

Founder and CEO - PCM Construction

“You and your team have been integral in helping us to promote our Government Contractor Lending business, with the brochures you created and the updates to our website that you have made, among other projects. ”

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David Pijor

Chairman and CEO - FCV Bank

“On behalf of Ennis Electric, I wanted to take a moment to thank you for the exceptional job that Verasolve has done to help our company over the past three years. We sincerely appreciate the Verasolve team’s strategic guidance to our marketing, branding and public relations.”

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Kevin Cole

CEO - Ennis Electric

“Our new website allows us to update our bid list and project statuses as frequently as we need to make sure we always communicate the most current information. The site looks professional and attractive, we are very happy.”

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Carolyn Buckley

President and CFO - Acme Mechanical Contractors

“The market research Verasolve performed was highly valuable as it defined our competitors’ service offerings and provided the insight necessary to position our own offerings. Further, the research provided INTEC Group with specific examples of how best to improve…”

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Keith Switzer


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