By Katie Jordan, Principal

Recently, we’ve had many people reach out asking for advice on how to approach their marketing and PR efforts during this uncertain and challenging time. Because businesses are in a state of panic, we must change the way we connect with target audiences, as traditional sales methods may not be as effective, or even possible. With this in mind, we wanted to reach out with a few tips to help you navigate the current climate and stay engaged with your employees, customers and prospects as countless people are practicing “social distancing” and staying home as much as possible.

1.      Stay relevant by thinking of your customers’ needs first

How can you help them with their challenges during this time of crisis and moving forward—don’t guess; ask them! What problems do you solve, and can you offer any advice or add value? Tap into your company’s subject matter experts and create content that will be valuable to your target audiences.

2.      Ramp up your social media

Share valuable content through blogs, webinars and short videos to remotely engage your customer base and target prospects. Tailor your content to your specific audience – doing so will provide more value and have more impact than a generic message. Look for ways to engage with your customers and prospects by being active with their social media – sharing, commenting on and liking their posts.

3.      Keep employees engaged

What type of internal communication strategies do you currently have in place? How can you improve that to ensure your employees know they are part of a team, even if working remotely? Communicate concisely and often to alleviate uncertainty and motivate.

4.      Consider long-term strategies

Have you been wanting to rebrand, create a new website or launch a new product/service offering, but haven’t felt you had the time? Now is an opportunity to position yourself for the future and tackle projects that have been put off.

5.      Look for ways to help

This can include your customers, prospects, employees and communities – what can you offer to help others get through this challenging time?

Verasolve is here to support our local business community as you navigate how best to reach out and stay top of mind with your customers, employees and prospects. It will be important to maintain a strong digital presence as everyone’s resources and time become more strained and we all continue to practice social distancing and work remotely. Please let us know if there is anything we can do to help support you during this crazy time. Stay safe and well!