Email newsletters are an incredibly powerful way to communicate with your current clients and prospects. With a clear goal and purpose, they’re an effective tool for building your brand’s following and reputation. However, many companies find it challenging to deliver interesting content that compels readers to take action. The good news is, with a little strategic planning, effective email newsletters are fairly easy to build.

Think of email as a digital first impression. To keep your readers engaged, you must deliver relevant content at the right time. Here are 6 tips for getting results from your email newsletters

1) Keep it simple

Most people read emails in less than 10 seconds, so it’s important to place the most interesting content at the top of your newsletter. This might be an original blog post, survey, white paper, or some other type of informative content. Your email subject line should be clear, catchy and under 45 characters, and you should always write in the second person (you, your, yours) to help you better connect with your readers.

2) Keep it interactive

Think about what you want your audience to do after reading your newsletter and include a clear call to action. Include links back to your website and social media share buttons, as well as links to your social media accounts, so it’s easy for clients and prospects to connect with you. Try to extend the conversation online when possible, and ask your readers to participate via social media by posing questions or asking their opinion on specific topics.

3) Keep it mobile-friendly

Offer HTML and plain text versions of your email, and be sure your emails are mobile-friendly so your readers can easily view them on their phones and tablets. Nearly 50 percent of unique email opens (which are only recorded once) are mobile, according to Experian Marketing, and 69 percent of mobile users delete emails without reading them (with another 18 percent going so far as to unsubscribe) if they’re not optimized for mobile devices, according to MailChimp.

4) Keep it in the inbox

To avoid ending up in people’s spam folders, send the newsletter from a real person’s email address, and use the same signature as you use for the “from” name. Don’t use trigger phrases like “opportunity,” “offer,” or “click here!” They come across as salesy, turn people off from reading your emails, and may get your newsletter marked as junk mail.

5) Keep it timely

Tuesday, Wednesday, or Thursday are statistically the best days to send email newsletters, and it’s best to send them early. There’s a 12 percent open rate for emails sent at 6:00 am but only a 3 percent open rate at 4:00 pm. However, the key is to keep track of your readers’ behavior to determine the best time to reach them.

6) Keep it interesting

Keep your content fresh and relevant to your clients and prospects. Don’t send out the same type of content every time. Think about what your audiences want to know, what questions they want answered, what problems they want solved, then research and write about those topics. Use visuals, like photos, illustrations, infographics or videos, to make the content easier for readers to understand quickly. Most importantly, make your newsletter something your readers look forward to receiving.

Email newsletters can be a valuable part of your company’s overall marketing strategy when executed properly. By following these 6 simple tips, you can share content that’s engaging, informative, and compelling with your clients and prospects.