Websites. Facebook. Twitter. LinkedIn. Corporate messages are everywhere these days. That’s why it’s more important than ever to implement marketing strategies that not only differentiate your company from the competition, but also build trust with your targeted audience. By putting a face to your brand, your company becomes more accessible, believable, and more trusted.

Indigo IT, an information technology (IT) service provider, was named the 2014 Small Business Administration National Prime Contractor of the Year. Even though the company is a small business success story, the leadership team was looking for more ways to increase its visibility in the highly competitive IT marketplace. They turned to Verasolve to develop a vertical marketing strategy that would position management as thought leaders, increase brand awareness, and build trust with government decision makers.

To expand Indigo IT’s external profile, Verasolve secured a leadership profile in Homeland Security Today, a magazine that provides insight and analysis to government decision makers. In the magazine’s “Powerhouses and Groundbreakers” column, Denise Van Wyngaardt, Indigo IT CEO and President, shares the secrets behind her company’s success as well as industry insights. To further establish Indigo IT’s thought leadership position, the article was strategically shared via social media. Through this article, and the help of Verasolve, Indigo IT can continue to grow as a trusted industry leader and established brand.