The Franklin Hotel

Logo Development and Branding for Contemporary Philadelphia Hotel


PM Hospitality Strategies, Inc. (PMHS), a hotel management company specializing in providing outstanding financial returns for hotel owners nationwide, hired Verasolve to create a new logo for a recently acquired Philadelphia hotel, The Franklin.

The Work

Verasolve began by digging deeper into the hotel’s brand and target audience. The client hoped to brand the hotel as a contemporary, chic destination for a young, affluent audience, without clashing with the historic, traditional vibe of the downtown Philadelphia area.

Verasolve’s designers determined that a subtle allusion to the hotel’s namesake (Benjamin Franklin), combined with a modern typeface and a contemporary play on a red, white, and blue color scheme, would accomplish both goals.


The client was thrilled with the logo Verasolve developed and promptly incorporated it into the hotel’s digital and print marketing assets.

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