Verasolve client FI Consulting was looking for a new way to help share their company’s vision with clients and future employees. Verasolve and FI Consulting leadership determined that employee video testimonials would be a highly effective method of demonstrating the company’s core values. Verasolve facilitated the direction and production of the video testimonials, in which employees of all levels share their experiences at FI Consulting.

Video testimonials are powerful because they let employees speak directly to potential clients and recruits. They provide an inside look into the corporate culture and help your brand develop an authentic, approachable voice. Since clients and recruits are more likely to watch and share a short video than a lengthy web page, video testimonials will reach a wide audience.

Although FI Consulting only posted their video testimonials recently, they have already seen an increase in positive feedback from both their employees and clients. FI Consulting is considering creating additional videos to further promote their unique company culture.