By Sue Stott, Director, PR & Branding

It can be hard to keep an audience captivated as the news and trends turn over so quickly. With people spending more time on social media due to COVID-19, a company does not want to exhaust or bore their followers. Instead, use this time as an opportunity to provide additional value to your audience. Here are four tips to keep your audience stimulated and engaged in your content.

  1. More isn’t always better

The last thing a company wants is to become the notification that people dread seeing. Finding the balance between staying relevant without becoming pushy is crucial to avoid audience burnout. Sending too many emails or posting too much can overwhelm customers and cause disinterest. Finding the right amount of content depends on your demographic and industry. Before posting to social media or sending an email, ask yourself if that content is relevant now and brings value to the audience. If the answer to either question is no, take a step back. Engaging with an audience is more than just promoting a product or service; it’s about producing valuable content that makes a customer excited to learn more about what your company offers.

  1. The content is about your audience, not you

Whether or not we like to admit it, most people enjoy it when things are all about them. A customer is likely to lose interest in your company if it is continuously pushing out content that centers around the company and its news and promotions. Create content that engages the audience and speaks to their needs and interests. This could include creating interactive quizzes, providing useful advice, or conducting interesting polls. Tailor your content to find a happy medium between connecting it to your field of work and providing your audience with interesting and useful material.

  1. Create timeless content

The most influential content can stay relevant regardless of its creation date. When material withstands time, people can continue to share it indefinitely without it becoming outdated or uninteresting. When your content can continue to circulate, your audience and engagement numbers will continue to grow. However, make sure your content is somewhat varied between timeless content and current events in order to provide the most value.

  1. Ask questions to find out what your audience actually wants

There is no shame in asking questions. If you want to please an audience and prevent them from getting bored with your content, just ask them what they want to see. Some options to gauge your audience’s preferences are to send out a survey or ask for feedback when talking to customers. Take the feedback you receive and use it as a guideline for future posts.

Audience burnout can be preventable if you are strategic in your content development. Learn to prioritize your audience, adapt to their needs and preferences, and be open to trying new things. If your content stands out and yields value, your audience will want to engage with your company.

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