POTOMAC, Md. (January 4, 2016) – Verasolve, a marketing, public relations and branding firm, has been hired by Patriot Group International Inc. (PGI), a global mission support service provider within the intelligence, defense, and private sectors. Verasolve will work with PGI to develop strategic marketing and public relations initiatives. To improve PGI’s presence within the crowded niche security and intelligence service space, Verasolve will refine PGI’s branding message; develop collateral marketing materials; create an abbreviated proposal for future contract award RFPs and devise a strategic plan for enhancing PGI’s thought leadership status among key decision makers and centers of influence within the industry.

Verasolve will provide PGI with a strategy for heightened brand awareness through increased use of press releases, social media, bylined articles, blogging, case studies, speaking engagements, and interview opportunities all geared toward generating qualified leads. Verasolve will work with PGI to revamp its website to incorporate the company’s new messaging and improved content.

“PGI is in a unique position to strengthen its presence within the security, defense and intelligence sectors given their track record for attracting and retaining extremely experienced employees who’ve previously served their country and treating them in a highly ethical manner,” said Kristin Vozzo, VP of Business Development for Verasolve. “We are excited they’ve selected Verasolve to help them achieve their marketing, public relations and branding goals.”

About PGI

Patriot Group International Inc. is a global mission support service provider with expeditionary capabilities for select clients within the intelligence, defense and private sectors. The PGI leadership team is comprised of experienced industry professionals who have served in U.S. military special operations and U.S. government intelligence agencies. Since 2004, PGI has proudly served its customers with the highest quality standards and ethical business practices in over 15 countries across 4 continents, including austere and high threat locations. For more information, visit www.patriotgroupinternational.com.