RM Thornton Mechanical, a leading full-service mechanical contractor, was looking to increase its brand awareness and establish its leaders as industry experts. The company sought a partner to help expand its profile with target audiences in the Washington metropolitan region and to generate useful content through a combination of marketing and public relations efforts.

Thought leadership is one of the most effective ways to increase your company’s brand awareness with target audiences. As one of the many buzzwords floating around the marketing world, thought leadership is something that nearly all companies want to show. But, many are unclear of what steps to take.

To build RM Thornton’s external profile, Verasolve created a blog where company experts can share opinions on relevant and timely industry topics. The blog also allows RM Thornton to share information on newsworthy projects, testimonials, and case studies. In addition, Verasolve has secured and written bylined articles for key industry publications to further establish RM Thornton’s thought leadership. All content is strategically shared via RM Thornton’s social media to help drive traffic to the company website and generate new leads. In 2015, Verasolve will produce a quarterly newsletter to further increase the company’s brand awareness and help improve closing ratios.