Verasolve has been working closely with Snyder Cohn leadership to generate qualified prospects through fresh marketing campaigns. First, Verasolve helped Snyder Cohn develop new marketing collateral, publish thought-leadership pieces, and update their website with custom illustrations and new messaging. In addition to these marketing initiatives, Verasolve is helping Snyder Cohn reach more prospects in the nonprofit sector with a networking event and seminar designed specifically for nonprofit leaders. The seminar, “The Business of Nonprofits,” will be held at the Snyder Cohn offices on May 15.

To promote Snyder Cohn’s expertise in the nonprofit sector leading up to the event, Verasolve worked with Snyder to draft nonprofit-centric articles and pitch the articles to publications in the nonprofit community.  The articles provided recommendations for effectively running a nonprofit organization by incorporating for-profit business techniques. Multiple publications picked up the articles.

Once published, Snyder Cohn began their outreach program, first by re-publishing the articles in their newsletter and then promoting them through an email marketing campaign to nonprofit organizations. Snyder Cohn followed up by sending out the newly created nonprofit marketing collateral, which provided information on the type of services Snyder Cohn offers nonprofits. This collateral was accompanied by an invitation to the nonprofit seminar.

The seminar will share best practices regarding a number of pressing topics for nonprofits and associations, including building an effective board, responding to HR challenges, and implementing effective internal controls. With a value-based seminar tailored to their target vertical, Snyder Cohn will generate qualified prospects and increase awareness of their nonprofit expertise.