McKinley Marketing Partners, a premier recruiting and staffing firm for marketing expertise, hired Verasolve to develop a public relations and marketing strategy to build brand awareness, increase website traffic, and strengthen current client relationships.

As part of McKinley’s 20th anniversary celebration, Verasolve helped McKinley plan and organize an anniversary themed party for their colleagues, clients, and friends to enjoy. The May 14th event was held on McKinley’s Alexandria, VA rooftop and proved to be a great success. Verasolve supported McKinley throughout the entire event process. Verasolve selected the caterer, handled the design and distribution of the invitations, and helped create a special 20th anniversary banner for guests to view on their arrival.

To showcase McKinley’s extensive knowledge and experience in the hiring and recruiting space within the marketing industry, Verasolve created an E-Book entitled, “McKinley’s Mantras,” which was distributed among clients and prospects. Through the development of the E-Book, McKinley’s senior recruiters and directors had the opportunity to share their advice and best practices for building a successful marketing team. The E-Book was also effective in positioning McKinley as thought leaders within their market.

Verasolve also played an instrumental role in generating brand awareness around McKinley’s 20th anniversary on social media. Verasolve worked with a designer to create a new and fresh 20th anniversary logo for the company. Verasolve then unveiled the logo on McKinley’s Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn profiles, and also posted it on their blog to generate website traffic.