Martek Global Services, a leader in real estate, facilities, and acquisition support solutions, was presented an opportunity to exhibit at an industry conference. However, the conference was only two weeks away—not nearly enough time to have a custom booth designed, printed, and shipped. Wanting to make an impact at the trade-show, Martek turned to Verasolve for ideas on how to get noticed without having a custom booth.

Exhibiting at trade shows can provide companies with an excellent opportunity to increase their brand awareness, generate leads, and help increase closing ratios. But, how can your booth create a buzz and attract potential customers without a costly display?

Martek wanted a state-of-the-art display that would highlight its projects and the scope of its work. The solution: an eye-catching PowerPoint presentation that was played on a large screen display. Verasolve worked with Martek to create a presentation that was not only attractive, but also informative. Each slide in the presentation featured a different project and carried Martek’s branding and messaging. For visual impact, photos rotated throughout the slideshow.

According to Martek, the presentation was a great success. It attracted numerous potential customers to the booth and helped Martek visually showcase the quality of its work.