Verasolve’s employees recently visited A Wider Circle to assist their volunteers with sorting clothes, labeling items and organizing donations.

A Wider Circle is a non-profit organization based in Silver Spring, Maryland that serves local individuals and families living in poverty. The team from Verasolve helped sort and label clothes so they could be offered to individuals through the charity’s Professional Development Center. The Professional Development Center provides valuable services, including resume writing, interview skills, career path identification and job advancement.

The center also has a showroom of professional attire where individuals are urged to choose a minimum of five outfits that they can either wear to interviews or to work. The showroom is set up as a small boutique with racks of clothing organized by gender and size. It is the center’s policy that the people who come in for the clothing they need are treated with the dignity they deserve.

To learn more about A Wider Circle, please click here.



Verasolve employees Ciara and Nicole sorting clothing in the Professional Development Center