By Sara Roa, Strategic Marketing & PR Manager

During the COVID-19 pandemic, marketing has undergone a transition. While you need to be cautious of being too pushy during this difficult time, it’s important not to abandon your marketing activities entirely. Here are some tips to help you achieve an effective middle ground.

  1. Recognize that your target audience may be different

It’s inevitable that during tough times, individuals change. As a result of COVID-19, people’s daily routines have been completely altered. This adjustment could be caused by losing a job, working overtime as an essential worker, changing financial conditions, and balancing working from home with caring for children. The marketing methods traditionally used may now be ineffective. Put yourself in the shoes of your intended audience. Although there is no right answer on how to market during unprecedented times, remember to avoid insensitive campaigns and to be open and honest with customers. Also, consider adjusting the demographic your business is targeting. People demand different services at different points in their business’ life, and it may be beneficial to see if a new, more relevant demographic has surfaced.

  1. Reevaluate your chain of communication

Messages should reach the right people, in the right order. Share information with your team before you share it publicly to ensure the message is understood and that everyone is on the same page. This process makes employees feel prioritized because they know what message is being distributed before finding out after it’s been published. This will also help them be prepared to answer any questions or concerns from your customers who may contact them after a message is public. Having a solid chain of communication is essential regardless of the pandemic, but it’s especially valuable now because it also acts as a check and balance. Having more people analyze a message allows you to understand how others may interpret it so you can avoid any issues.

  1. Don’t let marketing fall by the wayside or neglect your company

Just because your business may have slowed doesn’t mean you should stop marketing activities. Even if people are not able to purchase or participate in what you’re promoting, keeping your business fresh in their minds is beneficial for future sales. If you find yourself slower than usual, use that extra time to address business items you haven’t been able to tackle in the past such as updating your company website, teaching your team how to use new software, or taking online courses to learn new skills. Business doesn’t slow down often so be sure to use this time wisely to improve yourself and your company.

Being able to market to your audiences appropriately during unusual circumstances demonstrates a company’s experience and professionalism. You’ll impress both current and potential customers by showing that your ability to market your company doesn’t decrease when you face tough situations.

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