I am a Product Manager at 3Pillar Global, a product development company.   One of our existing clients requested that we develop a website as a brand destination for their product. The client also asked us to create the content on the site which is not a service 3Pillar currently offers.  I needed to find a partner who could work within our tight timeline to deliver quality content.  I chose Verasolve through a recommendation from a colleague and could not be happier with our partnership.

Many agencies offer a wide range of services, but content creation is a unique offering with a lot of unknowns.  Our search centered around finding the right agency that could quickly assemble a team of “expert” writers to begin populating a brand new website.  The challenge was that the content needed wasn’t for a typical business or industry.  The website was being developed for a cryptocurrency site, a cutting edge technology unfamiliar to many and by no means considered mainstream.

Verasolve was tasked with understanding the brand (in its infancy), the product and most importantly, the complicated technology behind the product. My team’s focus was on creating an elegant and feature-rich website to house fresh and informative content.

Our audience of cryptocurrency customers were comprised of the new, the curious and the knowledgeable cryptocurrency customer and the content had to engage them all.  This breadth of content required expert industry knowledge and an advanced level of understanding of the technical platform behind the currency.  Verasolve met all these needs and more.  They dove directly into the world of cryptocurrency and ramped up quickly to begin creating content in line with our development timeline.  They were able to create the breadth and volume of content we needed to launch a rich and engaging site.

The high quality of their writing was integral to setting the correct tone of the website, from both a brand and product perspective. Their professionalism and organized delivery schedule made the creation and subsequent maintenance of the site a success in a short amount of time.  It was a pleasure working with them and we look forward to more opportunities to do so in the future.

Massi Behbahani, Product Manager, 3Pillar Global

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