ITC’s experience working with Verasolve for our company’s rebranding efforts was a great experience. Verasolve took the time to understand the intricacies of our company and comprehend our brand’s values, target audience, and objectives. They patiently worked with us to find a branding option that truly worked for us. Their expertise shone through as they crafted a rebranding strategy that seamlessly aligned with our vision. They not only redefined our brand but also provided a roadmap to assist us with every phase of the process and led us through the process from end to end. The result? A refreshed brand identity that resonates with our customers and has positioned us for growth from a small business market to mid-market.

Furthermore, communication and working with their team was effortless, with their responsiveness and professionalism setting a high standard.

They guided us through each step of the rebranding process, including connecting us with other trusted vendors specific to our rebranding objectives and ensuring our input was valued and integrated into the final result.

Verasolve’s commitment to excellence is evident in the tangible results we’ve seen post-rebranding. Our brand recognition has soared, and we’ve experienced increased customer engagement and loyalty.

Their dedication, expertise, and creative approach make them an invaluable partner in any rebranding endeavor. We recommend Verasolve to businesses seeking to transform their brand identity.

Thank you, Verasolve and Sue, for your remarkable work!


Cris Watkins, Senior Director of Proposals
ITC Federal