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Develop a thorough understanding of target customers in the Washington D.C. metro-region and Northern Virginia and effectively develop a rebranding strategy that would enhance engagement in existing markets, while also attracting new markets to join the company’s platform.

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After conducting a target market analysis, specifically interviewing current member CEOs to understand what they expected from a membership, Verasolve rebranded “Breakfast Club of America” as Accelerent. Verasolve created the name, logo, tagline, and developed an integrated marketing plan for the new brand.


Accelerent’s new brand and positioning has helped the company reach significant success and growth. The company has increased its membership size from about 30 when it engaged Verasolve to its current size of 230 members. Following the renaming, Accelerent expanded into the Baltimore area, and since has entered the business markets in Kansas City, MO, Nashville, TN and Phoenix, AZ.

“Beginning with the research you completed on our target customers, continuing through our re-branding, and beyond into our ongoing PR and advertising relationship, your work has always been thorough, strategic and focused, while at the same time cost-effective.”

Edward C. (Troy) Peple, IIIPresident, Accelerent
Read Accelerent's Testimonial

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