PrimeFit Medical

Naming, branding, and strategy for an innovative age management medical practice


AMMP, LLC, a premier age management medical practice comprised of nutrition, fitness and health therapies for individuals wanting to proactively enhance their health and reduce the effects of aging, hired Verasolve to create a new name, logo and tagline for expanding the concept nationally.

The Work

Verasolve conducted in-depth industry research and extensively interviewed current and prospective program members to better understand the motivations of its core male users.

Noticing that many of the study participants were drawn to the phrase “prime of life,” Verasolve created the name PrimeFit Medical as the ideal identity for appealing to those wanting to look and feel their best, regardless of age. To firmly establish the business as an age management service, Verasolve developed the alliterative tagline, ‘the edge on aging.’

Verasolve’s designer selected a bold type style and used red and black colors to convey a strong and professional look for the logo. The use of the three geometric hexagonals, which echo shapes commonly used in chemistry to represent molecules, reinforced the scientific basis for the three-step program of nutrition, fitness and prescription therapies.


As a result of Verasolve’s strategic and creative solutions, PrimeFit Medical is well-positioned to roll out its successful age management practice on the national stage with a solid brand that reflects its objectives and position in the market.

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