Dear Ethan,

I’d like to formally thank you for the competitive research and marketing/PR strategy that Verasolve has developed for EagleBank.

We engaged your company to help further EagleBank’s position as the leading bank in the DC metro area, a particularly important effort for us after our acquisition of Virginia Heritage Bank. Your team’s thorough research and analysis of the competitive landscape in Northern Virginia, DC, and Montgomery County has provided invaluable insights into our competitors’ messaging and strategy.

Verasolve’s recommendations for marketing initiatives will help showcase EagleBank’s expertise and loyal clients.  These initiatives include positioning EagleBank’s management and executive team as thought leaders in the DC metro area’s businesses and communities, and tailoring our content for high-priority industry segments.

We are looking forward to having Verasolve develop content for our new website, design and distribute fresh collateral to our target markets, and design a seminar series that will generate qualified leads and increase closing ratios.

Verasolve clearly understands our goals and has provided the marketing expertise that we feel will support our commitment to expand our presence in our local market area. I’d be happy to recommend Verasolve to my clients and business contacts.


Robert Pincus
Vice Chairman, EagleBank

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