I’d like to take a moment to thank you for the exceptional marketing and PR work Verasolve has done for Georgetown Insurance Service over the past five years.

We engaged Verasolve to help our agency develop a stronger marketing/PR and content strategy to enhance awareness for our brand and differentiate our vast portfolio of insurance solutions throughout the DC metro area.

Working with our team, Verasolve took the lead in building and implementing our content strategy and growing our social media presence. They researched and drafted hundreds of original blog posts, social media posts, and placed numerous articles in industry publications such as Construction Executive, Maryland Construction Network, TCIA Magazine, Independent Agent, among others.

These combined efforts helped Georgetown Insurance Service establish our thought leadership credibility, increase brand awareness, and ultimately helped establish our position in the marketplace.

We thoroughly enjoyed working with Verasolve and our employees established strong relationships with the team over the years. They were incredibly easy to work with and regularly collaborated with us as part of our team to achieve Georgetown Insurance Service’s goals. I would confidently recommend Verasolve to any of our clients, partners, and business contacts to help them grow their business and/or position them for an acquisition.


Remmie Butchko, CEO
Georgetown Insurance Service

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