Dear Sir or Madam,

I have been continually impressed with the services that Verasolve has provided for Group Dental Services. My company is committed to offering our clients only the best possible experience, and I’ve been delighted to find that that this is a commitment shared by Verasolve. The Verasolve team has provided GDS with effective and wide-ranging PR and marketing services, and they have done so with courtesy and professionalism. Best of all, they offer these high-quality services at a price significantly lower than that of the competition.

Verasolve has worked with GDS to develop at array of attractive and professional marketing materials, including a pocket-folder, business collateral, and a series of ads that were featured in an industry publication. I was particularly impressed with their work on the ad campaigns; the message was delivered in a direct and powerful way, the concept was creative, and the design was exceptionally executed. In fact, I liked the ads enough to have them blown up into movie-sized posters, which I plan to display in our offices.

In addition to providing marketing services, Verasolve has also worked to generate positive press and public recognition for GDS. After determining our key market segments, Verasolve created a thorough and highly-targeted media list, which they use when pitching articles and interview ideas, in order to ensure that our press is geared specifically toward our vertical markets. I’ve found that the articles Verasolve has drafted and placed for us in such publications as Business Gazette, Talent Management, and Insurance & Financial Advisor are a great addition to our sales proposals and marketing packets. And as news breaks within our company , Verasolve is ready and willing to put it in the spotlight of the media, as they have demonstrated with we formed a significant partnership with Kaiser Permanente Northwest.

I believe that Verasolve’s services proved to be of real value to GDS, and I have enjoyed working with their team of talented professionals. For companies looking for high-impact marketing and PR services without exorbitant rates and lackluster customer service that are common with many of the bigger agencies. I would definitely recommend Verasolve.


Ethan Foxman, Group Dental Services, Inc

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