I wanted to thank you and your team for the great work they have done over the past year and a half for NuAxis. The Verasolve team worked seamlessly with our team to implement a number of successful marketing and public relations campaigns. 

Verasolve took charge of all of our marketing, branding and public relations initiatives. They created a comprehensive strategy with the goal of increasing our brand recognition in the government space. The Verasolve team led a branding workshop where they developed new messaging for the company that captured our culture and values. They also were instrumental in the development of our new website, including writing all the copy and the project management from start to finish.

The Verasolve team researched and applied for multiple awards on behalf of NuAxis. With their help, NuAxis won more than six awards, helping increase our brand awareness and highlighting our recent growth and success. Verasolve also implemented a social media strategy increasing our digital presence and engagement with potential employees and customers.

It was a pleasure working with your team, and I would highly recommend your agency to other companies in need of marketing and branding.


Raza Latif
NuAxis Innovations President

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