Dear Ethan,

We wanted to thank you for the outstanding work your team has done for Revere Bank.

We hired Verasolve to support our strategic marketing, public relations and branding initiatives with the goal of building awareness and increasing Revere Bank’s name recognition. Your team has proved to be a valuable resource in helping us achieve these goals.

Verasolve has been instrumental in developing and helping implement a number of successful marketing initiatives. Your team has relaunched our quarterly newsletter and our blog – providing strategy and content that positions Revere Bank executives as thought leaders. They also have revived our social media efforts on Linkedln, Facebook and Twitter – again, providing strategy and content designed to engage and inform prospective customers as well as ourĀ  existing customer base. Working in tandem with ourĀ  web marketing firm, these digital efforts have helped to increase our website traffic and boosted our visibility dramatically.

Verasolve has worked with us to strengthen our brand, which resulted in a new tagline and other messaging that differentiates us from our competitors and conveys our value to current customers and our target market. We are working with Verasolve to incorporate this messaging into new marketing collateral, such as brochures, one pagers – and even our website. We had participated in similar exercises in the past and found Verasolve’s approach to be more helpful – and more collaborative.

Verasolve’s media outreach campaigns have resulted in article and interview opportunities that promote Revere Bank’s industry expertise. We were especially pleased to be featured in Washington Business Journal, Washington Post and on ABC7/NewsChannel 8, and to have articles and press releases picked up by other key regional publications.

In our five-year engagement with Verasolve, Revere Bank, now $2.8 billion in asset size, has acquired two community banks and is in the process of merging with an $8.6 billion financial institution. Verasolve worked with our team on PR, messaging and other marketing efforts through these major transitions to ensure our shareholders, customers, employees and partners were informed.

Verasolve has worked seamlessly with our in-house marketing team and with our other vendors, too. We would highly recommend your services to anyone looking for a strategic marketing, public relations and branding partner.


Lena Marcellino
SVP – Director of Marketing

Suzanne Warring
AVP – Marketing Manager

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