Snowbird Capital

On behalf of Snowbird Capital, I am writing to endorse the team of Ethan Assal and Rob Gieser [Verasolve] for Marketing & Public Relations services. Over the past year, Verasolve has delivered tangible results for Snowbird Capital, which have strengthened our position in a competitive field and directly supported our business development efforts. I highly recommend Verasolve’s services to other companies in need of effective Marketing & Public Relations planning and implementation.

One of the valuable contributions Verasolve provided to Snowbird Capital was their development of an Integrated Marketing Plan. The plan offered strategic direction for Snowbird’s marketing efforts and established a road map for programming. The market research section of the plan was particularly valuable because it helped define our competitors’ service offerings and provided the insight necessary to position our own offerings.

Specifically, the market research helped uncover that Snowbird’s potential customers, entrepreneurs and business owners, greatest objection to mezzanine financing is giving away equity in their companies to capital providers. To alleviate client pain, Verasolve created a unique new product he named “Reversible Warrants” that allows portfolio companies to reverse a portion of the ownership position granted to Snowbird during the financing.

In addition to attracting new portfolio companies, “Reversible Warrants” have also benefited Snowbird by generating additional up-front fees and obtaining more realistic revenue forecasts from potential customers. The innovative new product has been a win-win for Snowbird and our clients, and successfully differentiated our offering in a highly competitive industry where capital is often viewed as a commodity.

Rob has been successful executing a Public Relations program that has generated a steady stream of positive news coverage in publications of importance to Snowbird’s potential customers, including the Washington PostFinancial Executive, CFOThe Wall Street JournalForbesAmerican VentureSecured Debt Report, Business Finance MagazineVirginia BusinessThe DealWashington SmartCEO and the Orange County Business Journal among many others.

The news coverage has helped increased visibility for Snowbird and has directly resulted in increased inquiries about our service. To have generated similar exposure through an advertising program would have cost hundreds of thousands of dollars. For other companies looking to raise their corporate profile, without exhausting their marketing budget on advertising, the public relations services provided are a highly effective alternative with a track record of success.

Nelson Carbonell
Chairman & CEO
Snowbird Capital

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