I cannot say enough positive things about the Public Relations and Marketing team of Verasolve, led by Ethan Assal. Their team has helped strengthen Snow Movers in an already competitive market. They developed an integrated marketing plan for my company. I was extremely impressed by the level of research that they performed, including interviews with all of my major competitors and many of their top customers. The plan determined the vertical markets where we needed to grow, and how best to accomplish this goal. It was also decided that our former name, Snow Services, was confusing to clients and that a rebranding campaign was needed.

Verasolve helped us do that by developing a new name, a new logo, a company tag line, brochures and a pocket folder. These new marketing initiatives positioned us as an expert in snow and ice management. To expand the number of clients we are able to reach, Verasolve generated publicity in several local and industry trade publications, as well as a complete cover story about the rebranding campaign in Snow Business Magazine to kick off the winter season. Other publications included Today’s Facility Manager, Condo Management Magazine, Cemetery and Funeral Service Magazine and School Planning and Management, as well as numerous name change announcements in area publications. All of this coverage resulted in a tremendous upsurge in new business contracts.

Their drive, determination, not to mention their professionalism, is unmatched. Verasolve gave Snow Movers personal attention and for that attention I am grateful. I highly recommend their services to anyone looking to grow their company’s revenues. It is rare for a Public Relations and Marketing team to deliver a measurable ROI for a client, but that’s exactly what Verasolve did for me.

Rodney Anderson
Founder and CEO
Snow Movers